Equinox musicians speak about « The Cry Of Gaïa » album.

Aurelien : « First time I listened to the song The Cry Of Gaia, I realised that Inophis was more than a great guitar player, he is also a talented song writter and a great arranger. Later when I had to record the full album I gave the best of myself to make it as good as possible regarding the quality of the music and the musicians playing on this record. And honestly I can’t wait to hear the final result because this first album could be a masterpiece. »

Pascal : « I was very happy when I listened to the pre mix of the Equinox album . It does sound amazing : great work and great songs. »

Emmanuel : « For me the Equinox’ album  » The cry of Gaia » is a masterpiece, powerful and Epic, perfect for a movie, you can feel mamy different emotions.
The recording of this album has been a real challenge for me, and I have taken a good time .
My favorite song is Time of the Chosen, you can find all the elements of Equinox’ music. »

Inophis : « Well, I took about a year and a half to compose this album, and I very proud that so exceptional musicians as Pascal, Aurel, Emmanuel play on this album, and that will be a pleasure to play in live this album. Among the songs that I made I don’t know which one I prefer, because they are all unique, whether « In The Eye Of Prophecy », I Had A Dream, The Gates Of Universe, The Cry Of Gaia of course, I love all of them. However I must say that I really like the Queen cover « The show must Go On ».
I also would want to say that I really appreciate human quality of Equinox musicians. »



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