Lords Of Metal The Cry Of Gaïa

Equinox - The Cry Of Gaia

Equinox – The Cry Of Gaia

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Four virtuosos together in a band. That is the description that fits perfectly. A debut that makes it clear, although it is still early 2015, that this band will probably end up in my year list. When you read the number and types of musicians this band played with you have to be impressed. Names like Steve Vai, Simon Phillips, Steve Lukather and Chi Coltrane are on the list. Also these guys almost drown in endorsement deals and are asked to perform on several music events like Frankfurt’s Musikmesse and Guitar China Music Festival. They have individually released training DVD’s and solo albums. Quite nice of course but does the sum of people rise above the collection of individuals?

Hell yeah! Right from the first track the gentlemen take off as if they are chased by the devil himself. Incredible tight and complex drum parts that easily go from high speed to support the singers melody lines. This goes also for the guitar parts, damn this almost defines a new norm in this genre. Yngwie J. Malmsteen loses some of his brilliance after you heard this album. In the meantime it remains a beautiful prog album where all possible risks are taking with ease. From neo-classic to speed metal, it is present. The singer has a distinctive sound that you love or hate. I think he is great and he dares to do a cover of the Queen song ‘The Show Must Go On’. Before hearing the song I seem to be convinced that a career suicide is attempted, because who is to even Freddy Mercury? It is proven numerous times that such a thing is hardly possible. But even after a listened to the original and this version I have to admit that Equinox is the winner. Clear enough?

rating 90/100

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