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Album Review: Equinox – The Cry Of Gaïa

Equinox is a French Progressive Metal band who came to their debut with the well-received album The Cry of Gaia.  Even before hearing any of the music, some of you might already be intrigued by the visceral album title: Gaia is the spirit of the Earth, the glue that holds everything we know together – yet our lack of attention and consideration for it as human beings is quickly undermining its balance. I don’t know whether the band has environmental concerns with their music and concept, but it certainly got me thinking!

When it comes to the music, things get even more interesting. I love the choral arrangements and the massive importance of vocals within these songs. Everything sounds majestic and well-executed, adding weight and solemnity to the tracks. The ancient-sounding vocal ensembles contrast beautifully with the very modern heavy metal influences of the band: from speed to melodic to hardcore. Equinox knows how to play as a compact machine, truly shaking the floor with their groove and searing sonic madness. This album sounds like time dimensions suddenly got blurred together, allowing a rock band to jam out with a medieval choir and a classical orchestra. The care, detail and execution of each of the songs are almost unbelievable for a debut album: this sounds like the work of a band who has been together for decades!  You can check out an intro video of the band below and also pick up a copy of it via the same link also below.

Rating 8/10

review by Andrea Caccese

link : progmetalzone


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