Horce Racing Inophis free tab

The origine of this song come from China, in fact in a famous traditional chinese song calls 赛马 (sai ma), the meaning is Horce Racing.

Traditionally this song was writing for chinese violin 二胡 (er hu).

I made a metal cover of Horse Racing and chinese people like this cover.

« Horse Racing » lead guitar PDF download link :

Horse-Racing-赛马-Inophis-guitar-lead-tab.pdf (311 téléchargements)

« Horse Racing » guitar pro download links :

Horse-Racing-赛马.gp5_.zip (295 téléchargements) gp5

Horse-Racing-赛马.gpx_.zip (254 téléchargements) gpx

« Horse Racing » backing track download link :

horce racing Inophis backing track playback guitare sai ma (267 téléchargements) or Download 




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  1. Greetings, fantastic arrangement and performance! There seems to be no link to the lead guitar tab… is the tab available? I would be happy to purchase it as well… Please let me know. Thank you!

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