End Of Class

This is my new song calls « End Of Class » by Inophis !

It’s a very cool song, and not so easy to play, the arpeggios are really great to practice !

Hope you like it, have a fun and waiting for your videos!

As usual you can download for free my tab, guitar pro file, gp, gpx, also pdf and the backing track!

« End Of Class » guitar pro download links :

End of Class .gp- Inophis (170 téléchargements)

End of class Inophis.gpx (169 téléchargements)
« End of Class » lead guitar pdf :
End of class Inophis .pdf (157 téléchargements)
« End of Class » Backing track mp3 :
Inophis End of class playback Guit mp3 (165 téléchargements)





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